Friday, 28 January 2011

Giffarine Granada Oil For Beauty

Product code: 10712-06
Content: 100 ml.
Retai Price: RM 40.90, Member price: RM 30.68, PV: 28.5

Skin is the first barrier between our body and pollutions as well as weather conditions. Harsh conditions cause coarse, dull skin that requires special nourishment. Just drop Granada Body and Massage Oil into your favorite body cream and apply to your whole body. Oils and natural extracts in this Granada Oil help maintain the moisture and softness of your skin.
� Keep your skin moist with the powerful effect of Olive Oil, Sesame Oil and Argan Oil, which contain vitamin E and omega-6.
� Revive and tighten your skin with Pomegranate Extract from Punica Granatum, which help support the production of collagen fibers. The addition of Vitamin E and Squalane also help maintain skin elasticity and softness as well as reduce wrinkles.
� Relax with the sweet aromatic flavor that stimulates energy levels and stamina. To increase this effect, use as a massage oil to massage your whole body.

Directions:Instruction : Mix with body cream and then apply on skin or apply small amount of oil directly onto skin after shower in the morning and evening. As massage oil, apply oil directly onto skin and massage gently.