Sunday, 2 January 2011

Glamorous Beauté Purifying Facial Cleansing Foam

Product Code: 11005-06
Content: 100 g
Retail Price: RM 39.50, Member Price: RM 29.63, PV: 24

Foaming facial foam for clear and even-looking skin, formulated with  Radiance CR an innovative ingredient from DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland that improves complexion-dulling impurities and leaves skin naturally bright. Enantia Chlorantha helps sweep away excess oil and minimizes the appearance of pores for a smoother finish while the moisturizer helps nourish the skin. Your skin looks pure, fresh and clean.

Squeeze into hands. Mix with water and work into a foamy lather, massage gently over entire face. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use every morning and night. Avoid contact with eyes.