Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Whitening Stay-C 50 Magic Mask

Product code: 10522-06
Retail price: RM 82.80, Member price: 62.10, PV: 54

Helps protect the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin. Promotes inhibition of melanin synthesis that causes hyper-pigmented spots and blemishes due to excessive sun exposure. Assists with the removal of dead epidermal cell leaving the skin soft, supple and bright. Stimulates collagen synthesis, making the skin firm and increasing elasticity.ContentsMagic Mask :  12tabletsMade from the highest quality cotton pressed into a tablet that is small, compact and convenient. It can be easily carried in a purse so that the product an be used conveniently. Whitening Facial Essence: 120 mlAlcohol and perfume free. The solution is enriched with natural Water Lily and Chamomile Extracts which combines with STAY-C?50 (The stable vitamin derivative) nourish the skin , improving it's softness and brightness.

Important Ingredients :
1. Stay-C 50 : Stay-C 50 is Stable Vitamin C Derivative from DSM Nutrition Products , Switzerland. Its highly effectiveness helps preventing anti-oxidant which caused wrinkles and ages before your time. ? Particular approved research found that Stay-C 50 reduces cells oxidation by 40%.? Slows melanin produce which causes skin's dullness, freckles, black spots.? Remove dead skin cells, skin regains its bright softness, also encourages collagen booster.? Research of Stay-C 50 found that it increases skin firmness of over 30%.
2. Water Lily Extract and Chamomile Extract : Revitalize skin.
3. Moisturizer : Improves softness and suppleness of skin.
4. Allantoin : Restore skin's radiant glow and softness.Recommended usage : One to two times per week.

Directions:Recommended usage : One to two times per week.